Postal address for submissions:

The Editors, SVP
886 Governors Bay Road
Governors Bay

A reasonably substantial history of poetry publication in reputable journals is an essential first step for book publication.

Before submitting, ask if we are currently considering manuscripts. (If writing, an SSAE is essential.)

If “Yes”, read our How We Operate information carefully to make sure our process is acceptable to you.

If so, please send a complete manuscript to us (rather than a sample). Initially, hard copy only, i.e. no electronic submissions. Include an SSAE, or the manuscript will not be returned.

Please make sure your manuscript is formatted clearly – A4, Times New Roman 12 pt (or similar), pages numbered, and with your name and the title of the manuscript on every page.

With your manuscript, please include a detailed, list of prizes and poetry publications.  

Please be aware of two strict SVP “rules of process”:

1.  No SVP editor is permitted to materially discuss a MS or projected MS with a poet or anthologist alone.  Any discussion of work must therefore be with the editors together as a group.  This may be arranged by contacting David at the above address.

2. No SVP editor can personally accept (i.e. accept face-to-face) a MS from a poet or anthologist.  All MSS must be posted to the above address.  Note, the recipients are: The Editors.

These “rules of process” are both good manners and are designed to save everyone possible embarrassment.  They must be adhered to.  If they are not the MS will be automatically rejected.  

We thank for your cooperation and commitment and look forward to hearing from you.